Since the beginning of lockdown in this pandemic, Frank Ross Pharmacy is open everyday for you all.



Pinky Agarwal

Frank Ross is one pharmacy where all medicines are available. You can call at anytime from anywhere and you can be assured that your medicine will reach on time. They provide discounts that local pharmacies generally don't provide. They never make you wait, whether at home or at the Frank Ross outlet. The store managers are polite and always greet you when you walk into their store. Sometimes if the medicine isn't available, they even go to the closest Frank Ross pharmacy and pick it up for you.


Anurag Gupta

At Frank Ross, staff behaviour is really good including those who serve the home delivery needs. We never have to wait for the medicines to arrive, which shows that they understand the value of life. There are few pharmacies that provide free home delivery with discounts. I have never gone empty - handed when I have entered Frank Ross pharmacy.


Former Supreme Court Judge

I remember an incident from my study days in Kolkata. My father was not in town and my mother was ill. I needed medicines so I reached the Frank Ross pharmacy next to the grand hotel which was open for 24 hours. As soon as I walked in, the night staff found me perplexed, so I called up the secretary of Frank Ross, Mr. Mehta. He eco stayed at Ripon Street, came down to Chowringhee, and helped me find my mother's medicines. This is something which I will always remember. This happened many ago, and the service has only improved thereafter.